So, after a long and treacherous trek across the Atlantic Ocean, I have arrived in Italy! I took a walk around my town today and got a library card (where we RENTED movies!) and Arese is beautiful!! I have already noticed so many differences in the way they live here compared to home, but at the same time there are so many similarities that it creates a nice balance.

My host family is amazing. We get along great and they are very hospitable and kind. They speak to me in Italian and if I don’t understand, they translate. It is tiring on the brain, so sometimes I lose focus and it just sounds like “dorito dorito dorito” but is beautiful nonetheless. Some things I have noticed already are: 1. They don’t have automatic garage doors. The door is one you actually have to get out of the car and unlock, then push up and back in the car. 2.  The humidity here is off the charts, which mixed with the heat caused my body to swell up like a giant sausage. 3. They don’t have air conditioning. 4. The meals are structured differently, sugar is more apparent but portions are smaller than in Canada.

I love it here already. Right when I got here yesterday I was struck with sudden homesickness but I am feeling more comfortable today and much of that is because of my amazing host family. Also, people weren’t kidding when they said the food was to die for. Last night I had a giant cheesy pizza and today, “welcome cake” for breakfast and pasta with pesto for lunch. It was fantastic. Jetlag is prevolent but I am trying my hardest to stay alert. today I watched a movie with my host sister and struggled to keep my eyes open, but it’s all part of the process of settling in. On Sunday I will be going to Milan and tonight I am meeting some family friends. Can’t wait for what awaits me, this place already feels like home! I will try my best to keep this updated as much as I can! Love and miss you all!



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