Busy busy busy!

So yesterday was definitely a full day! My host sister and I watched some American TV shows in the morning and I met a friend of hers, Marco. I also met some of her friends the night before. Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming! I am still trying to figure out the way things work here but I feel extremely happy and comfortable with my family.

Yesterday we also to the mall in a town which I think was called Lambiate? There are so many small towns here squished together that half the time I don’t even know where I am! The mall was no different than a Canadian mall, with very similar stores, just more expensive! We also went to two softball games, which is very popular here. There is American music playing and they sell hotdogs, and it is very Americanized I think. Italians often talk about how people here just want to live the good old American Dream, but I am glad to see that traditional Italian customs and behaviour are still at the forefront, although the country is very westernized. Usually I get bored easily during sports games, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself, partly because of these three crazy number one fans who brought giant flags and smoke machines and big drums which they would bang and sing chants with. It was very funny and entertaining. People here are very lighthearted and have a great sense of humour. It almost felt like home for a little while, only this audience was much more rambunctious than the one at home. I loved it!

i have had some delicious food so far including prosciutto, panini, pasta, pizza, fritata and some things I can’t pronounce. i haven’t loved all of it, but I have been encouraging myself to only eat things I haven’t tried before. Its one of my favourite parts of traveling!! I am about to make my way to Milan for another softball game followed by a day of shopping. Can’t wait. 




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