Ciaooo! So yesterday I went to the outskirts of Milan for a softball game and I thought we were going into central Milan right after, but we came back for a beautiful lunch and after that my host sister and I took the underground to the Duomo!! The Duomo is absolutely breathtaking. When I was walking up from the subway and I saw it appear I had to take a deep breath and remind myself that it was actually happening! This is my life and I am so incredibly lucky to be here. I love central Milan!! We walked and walked and on the way we saw some popular streets and shops (Including the famous galleries, where I did some sort of famous circle with my heel on certain spot which is supposed to result in good luck), roman-era ruins, and the winner of Italian X Factor!! Milan is so magical, I just fell in love with it. What a great day!

This morning I didn’t do much, but after a lunch of delicious Italian spaghetti some friends came over and I helped them with their English homework, which was surprisingly hard for me! After that we went for a long walk to eat some gelato, which was the best I’ve EVER had. Benissimo!!!

I am really having a great time and am starting to feel like this is my second home. I am so incredibly grateful for this, what an incredible experience. Wouldn’t change it for the world (no pun intended)!

ciao ciao



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