Weekly Updates



Hello all,

So I know it’s been about a week since I last posted and that is due to the sheer business I have been becoming accustomed to! Sorry I’m not updating more often, but I’m going to try to post weekly!

I’m starting to get used to life here, and I’m feeling way more comfortable. Life has gotten a lot easier and less overwhelming than the first few days, and I am just so enormously ecstatic to be living here in Italy with my amazing host family and to be doing what I’m doing. I just love it here!

So since I last updated I have started school! I go to an arts school so I am doing cool things like figure drawing and sculpting! Other classes I don’t understand at all (like art history) so I just listen and try to learn new words whenever I can. None of my teachers speak english except my English teacher, so that’s been a bit of a challenge but her along with my host sister have been instrumental in helping me get comfortable at school here. It feels like being a baby again, being thrown into this whole new life with a new language and people and school, and I can’t do a lot at school because of the language barrier, but the potential of learning is huge. Every day I learn so much, about the language and the culture and myself. I’m only about 11 days in and I know this is the best decision I have ever made.

On Saturday I went to the lovely town of Lecco for a Rotary district meeting! It was the first time I met the inbounds in my district so that was really cool! Lecco is absolutely ridiculously beautiful. We walked around the streets and the lake for a bit while eating the best gelato I have ever had (SO MUCH GELATO IT’S RIDICULOUS). It was really cool to see the area around Lago di Lecco and Lago di Como. The mountains are so big and fake-looking, it’s like I was in a fairytale or something! I also met my other two host families, who are also amazing! I have gotten so lucky with my families, I can’t wait to experience this year with all of them.

Apart from all that, I have been going to a lot of softball games (Vai Chiara!) and have fallen into a daily routine here. I am also taking some Italian lessons with a lovely friend, although the fact that the lessons are in French makes it a bit difficult! I am trying my best to grasp the language as fast as I can, but I have to constantly remind myself of how little time I’ve been here. When I think back to when I got here 11 days ago, I really didn’t know ANY italian and now I can have small conversations and understand most of what is said to me. Immersion is AMAZING.

That’s all for now! I will post more on my adventures soon.

Ciao ciao



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