It doesn’t only rain in Spain!


Ciao tutti!

So it’s been about 10 days since I last wrote and things are still going swimmingly! Literally. It has been raining so much the past couple of days that I come home soaked from head to toe and being as it is the middle of October I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the rain so much, and especially in Europe because it just makes everything more beautiful! The smell, the look, everything about this time of year makes me feel so happy and alive. I was almost sad about missing a Canadian autumn this year until I experienced an Italian one. I was surprised by how similar it is to home. There are a few differences (one being that it always smells like sausages), but I am in awe of how beautiful it is. Italy is just a gorgeous country and I feel like autumn is actually making it more beautiful. Every time I pass through a street lined with golden and red trees, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be able to experience a whole year in another country and every day reveals a little bit more as to what that really means.

Despite the downpour, I have still had school, which is going very well I think! My teachers and peers have noticed the improvements I have made and being able to speak a little bit makes it easier. I can understand so much more than I can say, but the fact that these people really talk with their hands also makes it easier! And yes, I talk with my hands a lot now. As far as the language, I have definitely been improving. I even helped some nice men from Kuwait make their way to Milan the other day when I was going to my lesson so that boosted my self esteem! I even had my first thought process in Italian today, which I didn’t even notice until after! I also love how my lessons are in a gorgeous part of the city. Today I had some extra time before my lesson, so I just wandered around in the rain and it was really nice. I love exploring a bit and seeing new things every day, it’s one of my favourite parts of traveling.

This past week, I did a whole load of things, but some of my highlights were going to Lecco for the second time, seeing my second movie in theatres in Italian (Insidious 2, let’s just say I’m not too great with scary movies so it gave my host sister a good laugh), going shopping with my family and eating some incredibly scrumptious risotto. Last night I went for a run and forgot my keys which was stupid of me, but was able to get a hold of my awesome host mom who called a friend to let me in. Thank goodness for amazingly kind Italians! I’ve been pretty busy so far in my exchange, but at the same time usually have a bit of time each night to relax too, or do some homework (yes, I do homework!). Speaking of homework, I wrote a test today in English and I will be writing a test on Philosophy in I-don’t-know-what-language because my prof doesn’t speak English so she speaks a broken version of French and Italian. Fritalian! It was a bit hard to understand her sometimes but I really appreciated the effort she and all my other profs have been putting in to help me understand. Really makes me feel welcome and at home! 🙂

The next few weeks will be full of exciting things, so I am excited to experience those! On a different note, today is a very special day as well! It is the birthday of my beautiful mamma, so tanti auguri mamma! I hope you have an absolutely amazing day!

Until next time, ciao ciao



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